ISPNO2020 Family Day Program

14:00-14:05 Opening Address from the Co-Chair of ISPNO2020Family Day Committee
Mr. Kohsuke Yamashita Chairman Children’s Cancer Association of Japan
Ms. Yuko Moue Representative Pediatric Brain Tumor Network of Japan
14:05-14:10 Greetings from the Guest of Honor
Dr. Takashi Hanyuda Acting Director, Health, Labour and Welfare Division of Liberal Democratic Party, Former Committee Chairman of the House of Councilors Welfare and Labor Division, Former Vice President of the Japan Medical Association Member of the House of Councilors
14:10-14:15 Greetings from The President of ISPNO 2020
Dr. Koichi Ichimura The Chair of ISPNO2020 / Specially Appointed Professor, Department of Brain Disease Translational Research, Juntendo University Faculty of Medicine
Part One: Latest Medical Treatment and Patient Activity
14:15-14:30 “On the Latest Treatment for Pediatric Brain Tumors”
Dr. Keita Terashima Head, Division of Neuro-Oncology, Children’s Cancer. National Center for Child Health and Development
14:35-14:45 “The Power of Brain Tumour Patient Advocacy Around the World”
Ms. Kathy Oliver Chair and Co-Founder of the International Brain Tumour Alliance
14:50-15:00 “DIPG Symposium Executive Committee Activities Thus Far”
Mr. Nobuyuki Takaki Chairman-Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) Symposium Event Executive Committee
15:05-15:15 “Yokohama Children’s Hospice: Establishment of the Sea and Sky House”
Mr. Hisato Tagawa Chairman Authorized Nonprofit Organization Yokohama Children’s Hospice Project
Part Two: How to Utilize the Experience of Pediatric Brain Tumors
15:30-15:40 “Supporting AYA Generation Cancer Patients: The Importance of the AYA Generation Dedicated Hospital Ward”
Dr. Junichi Hara Chief and Associate Director of the Pediatric Medical Center Osaka City General Hospital
15:45-15:55 “Voices of Adolescent and Young Adult Patients”
Mr. Keita Kasai Second Semester of PhD Course, Osaka University Graduate School of Human Sciences: Sociology of Culture
15:55-16:35 Discussion of the AYA Generation
“To Live Life Your Own Way”
AYA Survivors, Dr. Junichi Hara : Discussion Facilitator
16:35-16:55 “Looking into the Future: The Foundations of Hope”
Dr. Takaaki Yanagisawa Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Jikei University School of Medicine
17:00-17:05 Closing Remarks
Dr. Tomonari Suzuki Associate Professor, Department of Neuro-Oncology, Saitama Medical University International Medical Center