We will hold the 19th International Pediatric Brain Tumor Symposium Family Day!

Pediatric cancer is a rare disease, but one that is highly dangerous for children. Pediatric brain tumors are the most difficult to treat and have a lot of types as well. The International Symposium on Pediatric Neuro-Oncology (ISPNO) is the largest international gathering of pediatric brain tumor specialists in the world.

In conjunction with ISPNO 2020, various organizations related to pediatric brain tumors in Japan have collaborated to plan the ISPNO 2020 Family Day. The first part is about the latest treatments and patient activities, and the second part is about how to make the most of the pediatric brain tumor experience.

Although the ISPNO2020 Family Day has been postponed twice due to the new coronavirus, we hope that it will be a place where pediatric brain tumor patients and their families, medical professionals, and supporters from Japan and around the world can gather and exchange information, strengthen ties with each other, and move in the direction of better treatment development and support systems.

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ISPNO2020 Family Day